Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh Banners – The Most Effective Outdoor Advertising Tool

Mesh banners refer to banners printed on woven vinyl mesh fabric. Mesh typically starts with a polyester yarn as the core which is then extruded with vinyl. The mesh holes allow for wind to travel back and forth, mesh banners stay brighter and firmer as compared to any other material. Since mesh banners are long-lasting and durable, they are a very effective tool for outdoor advertising. Whether its sunny or windy, a mesh banner is your best bet to target customers.

Mesh Banners are the Best for Outdoors

The air flow design makes mesh banners a slightly more expensive advertising option as compared to a vinyl banner, however, mesh banners are more effective and last longer especially when it comes to outdoor advertising. Their air flow friendly design makes them lightweight, more resistant to wrinkling and tearing while the use of UV, abrasion resistant ink ensures the colors don’t fade away easily. As such, mesh vinyl banners are popular as fence wraps, message boards and even direct advertisements in sports fields, construction sites and outdoor events. Typically mesh banners are printed on one side only. Although the crisscross mesh pattern makes these banners somewhat transparent, the right printer should able to offer you full color graphics and images that can make your advertisement pop even for a passerby at a distance.

Mesh Banners are Better Value for Money

Mesh banners are lighter and less bulky than traditional vinyl banners. Depending on the kind of finishing used for the hem, mesh banners can come with pockets and grommets just like vinyl banners. The installation process is also fairly similar. However, even with prolonged outdoor exposure, mesh banners don’t crack or break easily. With the right printing, colors also don’t fade as easily. Thus, while vinyl banners may be cheaper in theory, professionally designed and printed mesh banners last longer and stay brighter. It is also important to note that a thick heavy weighted vinyl banner can end up costing you more than mesh.

Think of Print Banners for High Quality Banners

At Print Banners, we offer high resolution digitally printed mesh banners at 720 x 720 with a range of finishing options. We are equipped to print mesh vinyl banners as big as 10’ x 145’ for a single contiguous piece. Uniquely enough, we also offer the option of double-sided mesh banners which are basically single side printed banners that are sewn back to back. Explore our website for our full range of high-quality banners. Whether it is for indoor use or outdoor, our best in class printing technology and attention to detail will ensure the perfect product reaches your doorstep. We also offer same day delivery for mesh vinyl banners ordered before 12 pm EST all over US and Canada. You can order your banner online by uploading the image or design directly on our website. In case you are unsure of what banner will suit your specific needs, our friendly customer service desk will be happy to help. We understand printing and we know our banners. Contact us now to get started on your marketing campaign!

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