Double Sided Feather Flags

Double Sided Feather Flags – An Eye-Catching Advertising Tool

Banners come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized depending on your budget, location and specific requirement. When it comes to advertising, unusual signages are always more eye-catching. A double sided feather flag is a simple, effective and stylish advertising tool that ensures your message gets the attention it deserves. Flags can be custom printed with double sided feather flags offering the option of printing two different images or messages on the two sides!

Different Kinds of Flags Serve Different Kinds of Advertising Needs

Flags Can be custom printed as double sided or single-sided depending on the usage. Custom double sided flags are typically used for outdoors and are basically two single sided flags sewn back to back with a thicker additional material layering in between so that the image printed on one side doesn’t interfere with or reflect onto the image on the other side. Flags are made from lightweight, wind friendly fabric that flutter in response to the slightest breeze.

What Kind is Best for Outdoors?

While both single sides printed and double sided flags are an extremely popular choice for outdoors, the choice of which type of flag depends on the location. For example, especially when your advertisement needs to be set up in the middle of a ground or on locations adjacent to soft surfaces such as grass or loose soil, a double sided feather flag will ensure more impact and target customers on all sides. If on the other hand, you have to advertise against a background wall or a large boundary, using single-sided flags would be a better utilization of your advertising budget. When it comes to indoor events such as trade shows, double sided feather flags can be used to create a stylish entranceway to your booth. Custom printed flags can also be set up in common areas to attract customer attention and draw them to your stall. Print flags flutter in response to the slightest air flow; even air coming in from the AC vents!

Feather Banners Are Versatile and Eye-Catching

Flags flutter because they are attached by one side either to a pole or in a line on a wire. They can be used on the side or on the top and customized with a whole range of colors, messages, designs and shapes even as the set up remains standardized. This makes them a very versatile advertising tool. Typically, they cost less than other kinds of banners on a per unit basis. Double sided feather flags are great value for money because they can be custom printed with different messages on both sides. Overall, custom printed flags are quite effective as they can deployed in large numbers but yet due to the use of different messages and the fluttery breezy action, remain eye-catching enough for potential customers!

We Cater to All Your Printing Needs

Whether you are looking for one or many, a professionally designed banner is a business need. From size to color, everything about a banner should represent what your brand stands for. If you stand for being fun, bold and bright, flags lining up as your advertising display are a great way to attract customers. At Print Banners, we offer a vast range of budget friendly material and printing options for all your banner needs including double sided feather flags and single sided print flags custom printed with your message or design. Our best in class printing will ensure your message catches the eye of any onlooker. We cater to all kinds of order sizes with the same degree of care and efficiency. We also offer same day turnaround at no extra cost. Contact us now for all your custom banner stands printing needs!

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