Large Event Tents

Large Event Tents: Pop Up Your Outdoor Advertising

Unusual displays and pop ups always build a greater recall value and create a word of mouth buzz around your promotion. When it comes to capturing people’s attention and imagination, nothing perks up a dull or routine landscape as an outdoor event studded with colorful tents and installations! From community fairs to corporate stand ups, large event tents are an effective and un promotional tool.

Event Tents are Spacious and Fun with the Right Accessories

Tents are a hark back to childhood camping memories. As such, they are seen as fun and attractive for children and adults alike. However, just setting up a tent in an event isn’t going to be enough. Since large event tents are a more expensive marketing investment as compared to banners, getting them professionally is critical to your brand image. Depending on your branding need and style, tents for events can be custom designed and printed, theme based, full color pop ups. Irrespective of design and style, tents can host multiple customers at the same time making them a very popular choice for outdoor events. When it comes to outdoor events, they also attract attention in larger numbers as compared to a simple banner or even a manned booth. However, for it to work effectively as an outdoor pop up, even an eye-catching custom designed tent needs to be fitted with the right nuts and bolts that ensure it doesn’t collapse in the middle of the event! Accessories like sand bags and carry bags with wheels can really help simplify the set up process for event tents. Flags can add a sense of professionalism.

Custom Pop up Event Tents can Work as Standalone Advertisements

A tent has enough elements to it to be become a great standalone pop up advertisement or even share multiple messages or showcase multiple products from the same brand. From its peaks to the panels, there is enough canvas to paint a pretty and eye-catching picture for your brand! In case you want your pop up to display one cohesive graphic, full wall tent graphics can be created with a range of design and color options to ensure that the event tent has a great backdrop and outdoor display. The full wall is designed in such a manner that it can be attached to the bottom of the canopy and extended to about four inches from the floor. You can also club event tents with custom flags or banners that pop up in other places at the event and drive customers to your tent. Once a customer is nearby, half wall tent graphics can be used to drive traffic to the preferred entry point while also providing additional space for branding.

At Print Banners, We Understand and Cater to All Your Printing Needs

Whether you are focusing on a trade show or a community fair, professionally designed promotional material is the first step to catching and retaining the attention of your customers. From colors to materials, everything about your promotional material represents your brands. If you stand for being eco-friendly for example, a plastic standee is not going to go down well with your eco-conscious target customer. At Print Banners, we offer a vast range of budget friendly material and printing options for all your advertising needs. From large event tents to custom pop ups and even small flags, at Print Banners, we cater to all our products with the same degree of care and efficiency. Our best in class printing will ensure your message catches the eye of any onlooker. We also offer same day turnaround at no extra cost! Feel free to contact us with your requirements. You’re sure to be delighted with our customer service.

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