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Pop up Banners Can Make Your Brand Pop at Trade Shows

Pop up banners are one of the most popular marketing tools when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions. While pop up banners are typically large format, depending on the kind of floor space you have at the trade show or exhibition, you can experiment with a whole range of options from banner stands to step and repeat background walls.

Pop Up Banners are Effective Exhibits

Pop up banners are the go-to marketing tool when you have slightly larger floor area. In an exhibition or trade show, one of the first things that customers typically notice would be a professionally designed banner. A pop up banner is perfect for a range of applications from announcing a product launch or a special offer to simply repeating your logo in a step and repeat background wall. In fact, once it is set up, a pop up banner display stands in to work for you even if you or your staff happens to be taking a break. Since pop up banners are an exhibition staple and high-quality texture and printing are mission critical, the material should ideally be a thin film of polypropylene with a matte finish. Fabric or any other organic material is not an ideal material when it comes to pop up banners since the images are not as sharp and clear on 100% organic materials. A smartly printed pop up banner with crisp, clear images requires high quality printing and typically these kinds of banners are printed on one side only. These banners are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor displays and can serve as stand-alone banners or as a part of a larger exhibit.

Pop up banners are Versatile Marketing Tools

Large pop up displays such as step and repeat banners can serve as a popular background for your exhibition space, or even stand in as a lone background that encourages visitors to take selfies! The great thing about pop up banners is that they can be easily reused for different events – as long as your logo doesn’t change, for example, a step and repeat pop up with your logo will work just as effectively anywhere.

Print Banners Offers High Quality Affordable Banners

A pop up banner can be reused across multiple events and platforms. However, lasting value depends on the quality of material and printing. When it comes to banners, we at Print Banners provide a whole range of options at affordable prices, all just a click or swipe away. When it comes to Pop Up banners, in our experience, the use of polypropylene and single side high quality digital printing generates lasting value for our clients. We therefore use 9 mil matte poster films and include lamination to provide an added layer of protection for all our pop up banners. All our pop up banners are digitally printed in high resolution for sharp images that pop. Since they are made from polypropylene, these banners are not only sturdy but also lightweight, easy to set up, transport and durable as compared to traditional vinyl and fabric banners.

Simply choose your banner and the material online and upload your logo or designs. We’ll have your banners delivered right to your doorstep. We ship across the US and into Canada.

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