Portable Banner Stand

Portable Banners – Your Anytime, Anywhere Promotional Tool

How many times have you missed out on being in the right place at the right time? Or regretted having hired someone who couldn’t spell properly? Or missed out on that big delegation at the trade show coz your star salesman had to use the men’s room just then? Success is being able to use the right resources at the right time and sometimes, just sometimes, you need a backup who can represent you at short notice, without error or embarrassment and come across as a trustworthy source of information to your target audience. Voila, a portable banner can stand in for you!

From Flags to Displays, Banners Come in All Shapes and Sizes

With rising labor cost, portable banners are easily the cheapest and most effective promotional tool in any marketeer’s arsenal. Banners display the exact information that you want to share with your customer. With the use of effective graphics, a professionally designed banner can showcase your brand or product and stand in for a real-time sales representative anytime, anywhere. The sheer range of options available in the market make banners an extremely effective multi-use promotional tool. Looking to promote a new product? Use a portable graphics stand! Want to announce a store opening? Use a large banner display at the entrance. Want to set up booths in back to back trade shows? Use a portable banner stand! In fact, portable banners are effective not just for trade shows and exhibitions but also as in-store POP ads.

Print Smart with Print Banners

A banner speaks for your brand even where you can’t. In a trade show, you and your team will be busy talking to potential customers one-on-one, but your horizontal banner display is speaking to hundreds of folks at the same time. Print Banners has you covered! From graphic stands to large banner displays, we can design and develop banners across a whole range of size and material options. Whether you have a massive country-wide campaign or a single store or event, our award-winning customer service team will be happy to serve you with the utmost care and efficiency that is our hallmark. With the use of the latest printing technology, we can also ensure same day turnaround at no extra cost.

Use Banners, Save Money

Not only are banners eye-catching, they also save you money as compared to the one-time sunk cost of installations and displays. From small flags or markers to large backdrops, banners can be rolled up, set up, stored, transported and reused with very little hassle. Portable banners are in fact a sound one-time investment that you can use and reuse across multiple trade shows and even in-house events. Depending on the kind of material used, they are durable and easy to store. Portable banner stands are also one of the easiest display setups you can have – anyone can pull and hook one in! Depending on the material and color, banners can be printed on both sides i.e. double the eyeball reach! What you need is the right printing partner. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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