Red Carpet Banner

Make Your Red Carpet Event Memorable with the Right Banner

Think of the perfect red carpet event – a black tie affair with the signature red carpet roll out, what makes it most memorable is the banner or backdrop against which everyone gets their picture clicked. The red carpet backdrop is typically a step and repeat banner held up by a holder; it is the silent star of the whole show!

A Nice Backdrop Makes Red Carpet Events Memorable

A red carpet event is a serious marketing commitment. It is a PR opportunity as well as strategy that is quite effective in getting your brand visibility and comes loaded with the promise of a “wow” factor, especially for all those watching from the sidelines. With the array of sharply dressed folks walking in and the media going crazy clicking any and everyone who walks the red carpet, getting the backdrop right is very important. A red carpet event is defined by 3 main props – the classic red carpet (though publicists and event planners are beginning to experiment with colors now), the stanchion and the vinyl backdrop at the end of the red carpet for the photo ops. A sleek matte-finish step and repeat backdrop with your logo helps ensure you create the perfect photos and is the most suitable backdrop option when it comes to red carpet events.

Choose Your Printing Partner Wisely

Red carpet banners are a very effective means of not only promoting your business but also building great national and international recall value for your brand. If you are an event management company then it is where you display logos of your sponsors – a standard practice, this is seen as a discreet and non-intrusive way of recognizing your sponsors. However, getting the material and printing right is critical. These events require high quality banner holders and backdrops for videos and photographs that impress onlookers, guests as well as sponsors while ensuring they don’t jar in terms of print quality or shine. The banner is also where your brand promotion actually happens in a red carpet event. A step and repeat heavy duty stand with a curl free fabric insert is quite suitable for red carpet events. The banner holder can then be fitted with a sleek and high quality step and repeat backdrop with a design that speaks of and for your red carpet gala.

Print Banners Offers a Range of High Quality Banners

At Print Banners, we offer a huge range and selection of banners and banner holders for all kinds of events. Our step and repeat banners are delivered in a portable bag that makes for easy transportation and storage. Depending on the budget for your red carpet event, we can custom print a step and repeat backdrop with your logo or design. While we offer three standard sizes, each backdrop is adjustable to a size range and can be set up as per the space available at your gala. Simply upload your graphic on our website, specify the size and let us worry about the rest! For order placed before 12 pm EST, we offer fabric banner printing with same day delivery. When it comes to banners, think Print Banners!

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