Step and Repeat Printing

Step and Repeat Printing Goes Hand in Hand with Publicity Campaigns

Step and repeat printing refers to a printing technique typically used for banners and backdrops that serve as a publicity tool via event photography. These banners are printed with a repeating pattern such that brand’s logo or a pattern with the aim to be visible in background of photographs of the individuals posing in front of it. While banners can be used by anyone, anywhere; step and repeat banners are typically associated with PR centric events such as red carpet events, trade shows, and other events that involve a lot of photography and videography. However, social media has created an event revolution with the potential to turn any event - from a simple birthday party to a Hollywood premiere – viral and successful. Step and repeat banners are thus, increasingly becoming a staple need for any event.

Step and Repeat Backdrops Are Perfect for Red Carpet Events

The right signage can make or mar an event but when it comes to big ticket events such as a red carpet gala, the scope and scale of direct in-your-face advertising and publicity is limited. That is where step and repeat printing is most effective. Step and repeat printing can be used to create backdrop banner stand and event “walls” that guests can pose in front of for the photographers. The term ‘step and repeat’ comes from the pattern and standardized look and feel of these banners which typically have a plain or lightly shaded background color that is super-imposed with a logo, image or pattern repeated in a sequence. Allegorically, step and repeat printing is mirrored in live action at red carpet events - guests "step" onto the red carpet, pose for the photographers and leave and the next guest “repeats” the process! Semantics aside, step and repeat printing makes for banners and backdrops that are minimalistic, sleek and yet, effective.

Custom Step and Repeat Banners Have Standardized Size and Fabric Specifications

A good backdrop makes for good photographs and it is important for you to work with a printer who not only customizes banners according to your budget but also according to your specific need. For example, when it comes to event photography, step and repeat banners are the most ideal since they provide a muted and minimalistic look that ensures the photograph reflects the subject, the guest who is posing, well. The fabric used for step and repeat banners should be scratch resistant, wrinkle-free, tearproof and have a matte finish. Depending on the space that you set aside for the photo background, typically 8’ W x 8’H, 9’W x 8”H, or 10’W x 8’H backdrop sizes should serve the purpose. When it comes to print quality, step and repeat banners for events should be professionally printed with high quality technology. When it comes to set up, a step and repeat banner stand should be a heavy duty stand with pole pockets at the top and bottom for easy installation and replacement.

We Specialize in High Quality Step and Repeat Printing

From materials to sizes, at Print Banners we specialize in printing high quality step and repeat banners. When it comes to custom step and repeat printing, all our backdrops are adjustable to a specific size range with telescoping poles. Our step and repeat banner stand is a large tube heavy duty stand with a curl free fabric insert perfect for step and repeat patterns. We understand the business critical needs of our clients and offer same day delivery for orders placed before 12 pm EST. So, check out the options and place your order now. We understand banner printing like no one else can!

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