Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners – The Tried and Tested Veteran of Advertising

Vinyl banners are one of the most popular and common forms of advertising. Whether it’s a colleague’s birthday, a favorite poster, or a sale announcement, vinyl banners are used by individuals and businesses alike and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike Retractable Banner Stands, vinyl banners can come with or without a stand and are extremely flexible when it comes to uses making them a staple presence in any street, sidewalk and even, a parade!

Vinyl Banners are Designed to be Durable

Whether its indoors or outdoors, vinyl banners are one of the most staple advertising products in the market. Designed with your logo and message, a custom printed vinyl banner is the perfect advertising fix for any weather from sunny to windy. In fact, these banners are quite effective even when it comes to indoor events and set-ups because of their sturdy and durable nature. Commonly used as billboards and posters, vinyl banners typically have a life of 3 to 5 years depending on the ambient conditions. Finishing options such as reinforced corners, grommets and webbing improve durability. Grommets are nickel holes that enable the banner to be hung on walls, between two poles or on the side of a building. Large vinyl banners for outdoor use are printed on a special mesh PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material so that wind can pass through the mesh without leading the banner to break or tear up.

Vinyl Banners are Evergreen

Vinyl banners have been around for a long time and proved themselves amenable to multiple printing formats. From hand painted to inkjet printing to vinyl lettered printing to screen printing, vinyl is one material that has managed to move with the times and stayed current to the latest printing technology. Their flexibility when it comes to size, use and portability makes vinyl banners accessible and usable by anyone. There is a sense of ease and comfort with vinyl banners that is unmatched by any other material. So even when it comes to their child’s birthday party, a parent will likely choose a vinyl banner – vinyl is the material they know and trust.

Print Banners Understands and Caters to All Kinds of Banner Needs

At Print Banners, we offer a range of custom vinyl banner printing options to cater to events of any nature – from a small local event to large international marketing campaigns; Print Banners is your one stop shop for banners. The right type of banner material depends on when and where the banner will be used. Typically, we suggest our blackout matte vinyl banner for outdoor use when a stronger banner is needed and the more standard scrim vinyl banner for the more regular kind of uses such as a birthday banner or a poster. We also offer a range of finishing options and cater to all order sizes with the maximum care and efficiency. So, go ahead and find the right banner and vinyl banner stand for your needs. Our customer service team is happy to answer any queries you may have.

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