Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers: An Easy and Hassle-Free Branding Tool

Vinyl stickers are one of the fastest growing market segments when it comes to promotional tools. Clean, easy to use and hassle-free, a custom-designed professionally printed vinyl sticker can be an effective and cheap way of promoting your product and/or sharing information. Unlike paper stickers, vinyl stickers are waterproof and fadeproof making them durable and long-lasting whether they are used indoors or outdoors.

Vinyl Stickers Are Far Superior to Paper Stickers

Stickers are a simple and easy branding tool. However, when it comes to material and location, some are clearly better than others. Paper stickers are used mainly for labeling. Vinyl stickers, on the other hand, are quite versatile and have many more uses. Think of vinyl stickers as a quick and easy outdoor advertising tool that is eye-catching and attractive on account of its look and feel. Aesthetics aside, vinyl stickers and banner Stands last longer and are more effective on any surface as compared to paper stickers and labels.

Vinyl is a Cheap and Effective Material for Outdoor Advertising

Despite the use of multi-color printing, vinyl stickers don’t fade or bleed even when exposed to the harsh outdoors. In fact, in case of rain, vinyl stickers don’t stain or fall off since vinyl is water proof. Vinyl stickers custom created for outdoors use high-gloss UV coating for added shine and durability and are fade proof. As a material, vinyl is amenable to different kinds of printing technology from being hand painted to inkjet printing to vinyl lettered printing to screen printing making it a versatile choice for designers. All in all, when it comes to outdoor advertising, vinyl stickers in small to medium sizes are great value for money. For large signs, vinyl banners are a better idea. From billboards to sidewalks, a professionally designed and printed vinyl banner sign will attract the attention of passers-by from afar. Vinyl signs for outdoor use are made from special kinds of PVC and fitted with specific edges and hems to ensure their sturdiness and durability even in the face of harsh weather conditions.

We Offer Custom Printing at Affordable Prices

At Print Banners, we offer a range of custom printing options from vinyl stickers to banner signs suitable for any kind of event or activity. Whether it is a door to door campaign or an outdoor sign, our customer service folks understand printing and vinyl like no one else and are always available and happy to help. The right type of material will depend on how and where you will be using your advertising tool. Typically, we recommend scrim vinyl for billboards and signs, and the heavier blackout matte vinyl option to stand up to the elements. We also offer a huge range of adhesive options when it comes to vinyl stickers depending on the kind of usage you have in mind. Poor quality adhesives can ruin your brand’s image, so we ensure only the best quality adhesives are used for all the stickers we print. Our use of the latest printing technology and same day turnaround at no extra cost ensure the highest quality marketing material reaches your doorstep in the shortest possible time and at reasonable prices.

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